Hi! My name is Alison Green
I am a GCSE and A-level chemistry tutor
I am a mum of a university student, qualified chemistry teacher, examiner and former senior scientist, who wants to share my passion and knowledge of chemistry to help students succeed in their exams.
I help GCSE and A-level students improve their chemistry grades using three key elements throughout my sessions: identification, engagement and success. This results in students addressing gaps in their knowledge, overcoming misconceptions, applying knowledge, deepening understanding and improving confidence in tackling exam questions. I want my students to achieve in chemistry and get into their chosen sixth-form or university.
I have over fifteen years experience of teaching a wide ability range and helping students reach their goals and I tailor sessions to each individual student’s needs. I do this through engaging, interactive online teaching using the knowledge and skills that I developed through studying for an MA in online and distance education and all my students, including my own son, have progressed onto their chosen courses.
What People Say
My daughter got full marks in her last test. Thank you.
Mrs K (Parent of Year 10 GCSE student)

My daughter is dyslexic and struggles to process lengthy questions - the practice exams with Alison made the difference between a pass and a fail!
Mrs C (Parent of A-level student)

My son was struggling with the NMR topic. Alison helped him with this and other topics which helped him improve by one grade.
Mrs V (Parent of A-level student)

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