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Three Key Elements: A Closer Look

My tutoring is built on three fundamental elements: Identification, Engagement, and Success. In this blog post, I’ll delve deeper into how each of these elements plays a crucial role in helping your child improve their chemistry grade and confidently stride towards their chosen sixth-form or university.

Identification: Personalised Guidance from the Start

The journey to academic success begins with identifying where you are. That’s why one of the very first questions I ask my students is which exam board they’re studying under. Understanding the specific exam board’s curriculum allows me to pinpoint the exact topics and content they need to cover.

But it doesn’t stop there. I take a closer look at what the student already knows about each topic and where their learning might have gaps. This step is vital in creating a tailored tutoring experience. No time is wasted rehashing familiar ground; instead, my lessons are entirely focused on making meaningful progress in those areas that need the most attention.

Another crucial aspect of this identification process is recognising any misconceptions that might be hindering a student’s understanding. For example, some students might have a misconception about chemical reactions or atomic structures. Identifying these misconceptions early on allows me to address them directly, clearing the path to deeper comprehension.

My personalised approach ensures that each student’s unique needs are met, guaranteeing that tutoring sessions are precisely aligned with their individual goals and requirements.

Engagement: The Key to Deep Learning

Engagement is at the heart of effective learning. My aim is to deepen their understanding and build unwavering confidence in chemistry. To make the study of chemistry not just informative but also enjoyable, I employ various dynamic strategies and interactive tools.

Interactive Learning: Through online whiteboard platforms, students actively participate in lessons. They can write, complete activities, engage in interactive exercises, and even tackle exam questions in real-time. In group lessons I can provide personalized feedback. As students participate on their online whiteboard (only the student and I can see), I can offer tailored comments and suggestions without their peers seeing. This fosters an environment of individual growth.

Virtual Experiments: Although hands-on experiments aren’t feasible in an online environment, I bridge this gap with virtual experiments. These digital simulations allow students to explore and experiment with chemical concepts, making the subject tangible and captivating.

Student Participation: Active involvement is crucial to effective learning. During lessons, I employ various activities to keep students engaged. Virtual card sorts for definitions and real-time online quizzes are some of the techniques I use. My engagement strategies not only make learning fun but also ensure deeper understanding and long-term retention.

Success: Progress and Application

Success is the goal. Regular quizzes help students remember previous learning and demonstrate the progress they are making. Seeing their scores improve over time boosts students’ confidence and motivation. These quizzes also enable students to apply their knowledge to new scenarios and, most importantly, I equip them with the skills to tackle complex exam questions with ease, drawing from their solid understanding of chemistry principles. This approach ensures that they are not just well-informed but also well-prepared for assessments.

I also offer support between lessons through the membership portal or a WhatsApp group which allows students to get support quickly on difficulties they are experiencing which helps them to make faster progress. Together, we can overcome any learning challenge.

 In conclusion, my tutoring approach is built upon the foundational elements of Identification, Engagement, and Success. Together, these pillars form a comprehensive strategy that empowers students to master chemistry, gain confidence, and excel academically.





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